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High Profit Margin



High Profit Margin

Performing medical aesthetic procedures is profitable! The cost of training is easily recovered after only a couple of procedures.

Profit Margin

Procedures per Hour

Hours per Week

Profit per Week

Profit per Year





































(Figures provided by Cosmetic Surgery News 2002)

Numbers like these always look great, however, let’s put this in real world profit that you can put in your pocket.

A vial of Botox® currently costs $525.  At a minimum you can treat four patients/areas per vial. 

Charging the rock-bottom price of $12 per unit you have charged between $1020 and $1080 for 1 vial putting your profit at $520-$580.  (This is conservative, prices vary from $12-$18+.)

In the beginning you might spend 10 to 15 minutes with a first-time Botox® patient, established patients take 5 to 10 minutes.  It is easy to see 6 - 8 established Botox patients in one hour.

Starting out you will profit around $500 per hour but as your skill and speed improve this profit will move closer to $1000 per hour.

At full speed working 1 - 2 hours you'll treat eight patients/areas and make around $1000 profit.  Eight patients every 2 weeks, for the first three months then patients from month one return for retreatment, and they bring their friends.

48 consistent patients (4 visits per year) can generate $24,000 in profit in 2 – 3 hours per month and this required no billing, no coding, and no staff.  How many patients do you need to see, in regular practice, to profit $24,000? With virtually NO liability?